Thank you for visiting one of the most dynamic benefit auctioneers in the state of Michigan. Whether you are considering a live and silent auction from five-star galas to small community events, Kenny Lindsay Fundraising Auctioneers will energize your audience and maximize the revenue for your fundraising event!

Kenny Lindsay Fundraising Auctioneers are experienced, full-time professional auctioneers. We know our professional services will enhance your fundraising event. In fact, we are so confident we put our money where our mouth is with our original and exclusive Fast Talk Is Cheap guarantee. If we cannot reach the monetary goal of your event then our services are absolutely free of charge!  Nobody and we mean NOBODY does that!
Kenny Lindsay Fundraising Auctioneers - Certified Benefit Auction Specialists
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"Our auction was our greatest success ever and I know it was because we added you and your company's expertise which helped us raise so much more money..." - Jim Leach, Chairman, Lions Club Charities
Professional Michigan Based Professional Auctioneers, Ringmen and Benefit Auction Consulting Services
"We are much more than skilled, multi-award winning auctioneers and professional ringmen. We are in the unique position to educate and empower organizations such as yours to learn comprehensive fundraising techniques through the auction method and the psychology of selling. Our consulting services allow us to be an integral part of your planning committee by keeping on top of discussions; dealing with concerns, ideas and developments as they happen; and attending meetings in order to help your organization produce the most polished, professional and lucrative event possible."

- Kenny Lindsay, Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) 
Let Kenny Lindsay Teach You How To Avoid Benefit Auction Disasters
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Kenny Lindsay - A Certified Benefit Auction Specialist
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Hire Kenny Lindsay Fundraising Auctioneers because we are much more than skilled, multi-award winning auctioneers and professional ringmen. We educate and empower organizations with the auction method while adding enthusiasm to your event.