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We are unique because what we do behind the microphone is equally important as what we do when we aren’t in front of the microphone.

We are certified benefit auction specialists and charity auction consultants who are specifically trained and experienced in coaching auction committees on how to create a fantastic fundraising auction event!
Let Kenny Lindsay Teach You How To Avoid Benefit Auction Disasters.
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Although the weatherman is not an auctioneer ©, Kenny Lindsay Fundraiser Auctioneers is your weatherman when it comes to forecasting how to avoid an impending disaster for your benefit auction event.

Benefit auctions sound like a wonderful idea during committee meetings, however, if they aren’t planned correctly they can be a disaster waiting to happen and can ultimately leave an unfavorable impression on your guests and volunteers. Don’t let your biggest fundraiser of the year become a flop resulting in low revenue.
Here is a sample of our industry exclusive guide 10 Guaranteed Benefit Auction Disasters ©
Long speeches – Remember, the attendees at your fundraising event truly want to be entertained. They’ve spent all week working long hours at their job and dealing with typical family issues at home. The last thing they want to hear are long speeches that seem to last for days.

The main issue we see at fundraising events is that too many people are making speeches. From the president to the guest of honor to award recipients, the list goes on and on. Speeches are essential and select people do need to make a statement to the guests, thank them for being there and also offer words of encouragement. The key to being successful is to set a maximum of two to three minutes per speech. Generally, your total allotted speech time should not exceed ten minutes.
Events that people often complain about are ones that drag on throughout the evening. Keep in mind we live in a fast-paced society and generally people don’t stick around very long. Many of your attendees may have a long drive home or a babysitter waiting for them. They want to step in, enjoy a meal and a few drinks, socialize and then be on their way. Although we don’t want to sound harsh, this is reality and you need to be in tune with your attendees, especially if you want them to speak highly of your event and attend next year.

Auction at last! – The number one killer for any benefit auction is making the auction the last priority. We often run into this scenario and a commonly asked question is, “How long will the live auction take?” Honestly, we want it to take as long as possible. If the bidding is fast and furious and the money is rolling in, do we really care how long it will take? It’s the whole purpose of the evening to tactfully raise as much revenue for the benefit as possible.

Imagine if you will, that we are set-up on stage generating thousands of dollars for the cause and a committee member slips us a note that reads, “We are pressed for time. Please wrap up in five minutes.” This is the number one pet peeve in the benefit auction business.

Keep in mind we are professional competition auctioneers and can easily sell 70-90 items an hour. That is super fast. However, unless you have an audience of professional bidders at your charity event, this style of bid calling will leave your attendees a bit cross-eyed and will not be enjoyable.

It’s important to recognize that there is a systematic and strategic approach to how we conduct a benefit auction. It keeps the momentum alive and the bidding fast and furious. For the sake of your bottom line, please provide an ample amount of time for the professional auctioneers to effectively do their job for your organization. And if we are running a bit over time, consider that a good thing!
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