Multiple Auction Industry Award Winning and Two-Time Championship Finalist, Kenny Lindsay and his World Class benefit auction team delivers a powerful and high energy performance like no other auction team in the United States.

From small high school benefits to nationally recognized galas such as Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Kenny Lindsay Fundraising Auctioneers team will empower your organization and electrify your audience!
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"Our auction was our greatest success ever and I know it was because we added you and your company's expertise which helped us raise so much more money..." - Jim Leach, Chairman, Lions Club Charities
Professional Michigan Based Professional Auctioneers, Ringmen and Benefit Auction Consulting Services
"The value of a true benefit auctioneer is discovered the weeks and months prior to the actual event.  This is accomplished during the consultation period which enables your auctioneer to become an integral part of the planning committee.  This process educates your committee, builds rapport and empowers your organization.  Simply hiring a "bid caller" for the night of the event is short changing your bottom line."

 - Kenny Lindsay, CAI, BAS
Let Kenny Lindsay Teach You How To Avoid Benefit Auction Disasters
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Hire Kenny Lindsay Fundraising Auctioneers because we are much more than skilled, multi-award winning auctioneers and professional ringmen. We educate and empower organizations with the auction method while adding enthusiasm to your event.

Professional Auctioneer, Kenny Lindsay was selected as 1 of 37  auctioneers featured in the MAA 'Legends' Series 1 Trading Cards.