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Why You Need A Professional Auctioneer
There are an estimated 40,000 auctioneers that exist nationally but only a small percentage shine above their colleagues. Many are auction school graduates that label themselves an auctioneer despite their lack of real world experience. Some are freelance auctioneers who occasionally work an auction and lack valuable experience. A noticeable trend you will find with these auctioneers is many will actually donate their services to gain bid calling experience and to build a resume. Unfortunately, their inexperience and apprenticeship comes at the expense of your organization.

In addition, if you are using an amateur auctioneer, chances are you’re unknowingly exposing your organization to unnecessary legal consequences. Auctioneering is not a hobby, it is a profession. The legal ramifications of an improperly conducted auction can be a serious matter. For example, there are well over 500 commonly used auction terms and subsequent federal, state and local auction laws that ALL auctioneers must be familiar with. This is very much true with benefit auctioneers as well.
The Kenny Lindsay Fundraising Auctioneers Difference!
The goal of Kenny Lindsay Benefit Auctioneers is to not only deliver a profitable auction, but one that is also fun and entertaining!
People hire professionals in nearly all of life's great adventures. From plumbers and lawyers to accountants and doctors, we trust important duties to the skilled professionals. With that being said, why would you place the reins of the most important fundraising event of the year in the hands of anyone other than a professional auctioneer? 

The role of a professional auctioneer is much more than a fast-talking bid caller. Celebrities such as the weatherman, news anchor or a guy named Wally from the bowling alley are not auctioneers. Their lack of performance goes undetected by committees simply because their is no scientific gauge to identify just how much money the amateur auctioneer has left off the table. What can be recognized is the once-a-year amateur auctioneer is not experienced or trained in the psychology of selling, advanced auction strategy and salesmanship which is an art in itself.
The Weatherman is not an Auctioneer 
Kenny Lindsay works the crowd
Our Certified Fundraising Auctioneers are highly skilled career auction professionals. They have devoted countless hours to the field and continue to invest thousands of dollars in specialized auction education including the esteemed Benefit Auction Specialist designation – a niche designation held by less than 1% of auctioneers worldwide!

Kenny Lindsay Fundraising Auctioneers bring enthusiasm to a live auction that is contagious, which prompts audience participation. In addition, they are gifted entertainers who work hard to put the fun and fund into fundraising auctions. This colorful combination brings an enormous amount of skill and mastery to the art of competitive bidding. Quick on their feet, they utilize unique strategies to stimulate bidding if the audience participation level is stagnating. Most importantly, they are so confident in their professional services, they are believed to be the only Certified Benefit Auction Specialists in the world to offer a full money back program with their industry exclusive, Fast Talk is Cheap guarantee!

Ask yourself this question: Is your organization thinking outside the box when it comes to your fundraising efforts? If you are uncertain of the answer then make the commitment right now and contact Kenny Lindsay Fundraising Auctioneers for a free phone consultation. Whether you are a small local charity or a Fortune 500 firm, this could be the most important phone call you will ever make on behalf of fundraising efforts. 
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